Dnd 5e Languages (officially)

Before starting the game a gamer needs to set the characteristics of their player. As per the character sheet, gamers can manually create the characteristics of their player.

Wisdom, Dexterity, Intelligence, Charisma, and Strength is the first footstep to generate a player character. The new edition of this D&D game has its unique way to find out the statistics.

However, gamers select the race and character or occupation to fulfill the ability scores. The characteristics of the player include wizard or fighter, other alignments with lots of features, etc. Players elaborate on their practice of their PC by the time of the game. Describing the practice consists of lock picking, opponent punch, etc.

5e Languages for D&D

The players can enquire about other players in the Dungeons and Dragons game by the many 5e languages. The game gives the best platform to explore different languages as per the choice of the players.

LanguageScriptTypical Speakers
AbyssalInfernalDemons, chaotic evil outsiders
AquanElvishWater-based creatures
AuranDraconicAir-based creatures
CelestialCelestialCelestials (angels, devas)
CommonCommonHumans, halflings, half-elves, half-orcs
Deep SpeechMind flayers, beholders
DraconicDraconicKobolds, troglodytes, lizardfolk, dragons, dragonborn
DruidicDruidicDruidicDruids (only)
GiantDwarvishOgres, giants
GoblinDwarvishGoblinoids, hobgoblins, bugbears
IgnanDraconicFire-based creatures
InfernalInfernalDevils, Tieflings
SylvanElvishFey creatures (dryads, brownies, leprechauns)
TerranDwarvenXorns and other earth-based creatures
UndercommonnElvishDrow, Underdark traders

When a player feels to get his or her own desirable language, they just need to access the Table of Standard Languages. The “Common Language” of their Campaigns is dipped into the table of the standard language.

Not only this, but the players can also have a secret language from the table of Exotic Languages. Others like the thieves may not speak or understand that secret language. To enable this facility, all the players need to take permission from the GM.

Standard Languages

LanguagesTypical SpeakersScript
GiantOgres, GiantsDwarvish


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