Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle – (Experts Reviews)

In the lands of America keeping Rifle and guns is a normal thing for the child. Rifles are available in every quality and it depends upon you what quality of rifle you would prefer. And those who think this cannot be bought as a gift then they are wrong. When you gift someone safety then it is in fact it is one of nicest things. But of course when you are making your purchases on something very precious to you: your safety you need to look at the details of it. In the market products are full of choices, so crack your deal with the best product and here is the list of those products.

1. Red Dragon spring powered Airsoft sniper rifle with scope and Bipod

However, the name is Red dragon but the colour of the rifle is black, only its cap is red. But the features of the rifle is similar to the red dragon which is obvious dangerous. This rifle features so many things but the rifle main feature is its ability of capturing every detail via through camera.

The length of the rifle is 1015 mm which is a standard size of the rifle. It has FPS range which is about 280 to 300 along with magazine capacity of 15 rounds. The muzzle velocity is 280 FPS (which is measured with 0.12 g BBs).it has single shot and safety fire modes with no hopup. This package includes no gun, mock, scope, magazine and Bipod. Red dragon has other manufacturer.


  • Mock scope
  • Aggressive design
  • APS plastic construction
  • Spring cocking action, and this must be cooked every shot
  • Included bipod
  • Muzzle velocity – this is about 280 FPS and (measured with 0.12g BBs)
  • One single shot spring action – no gas or battery required


  • The muzzle velocity


  • It has single shot


2. Evike Red Dragon spring powered Airsoft sniper rifle with mock scope and Bipod –

Red dragon spring is available in orange and red colour. This has 280 FPS and the length is 1015 mm. the fire modes is single shot and safety. And there is no hopup but the package includes: mock scope, magazine, gun and Bipod.


  • It has mock scope
  • This one is perfect for the new airsofters and practice plinking
  • It even enhance your game with the power of dragons
  • You are not even a real operator until you have plinked with the red dragon
  • The muzzle velocity is 280 FPS (measured with 0.12g BBs)
  • The batteries, scopes and other accessories are not added and this will be added only if it is stated.


  • Comfortable and perfect airsofters


  • Do not give batteries, scopes and other accessories

3. Evike JG VSR – 10/ Bar- 10 airsoft realistic action sniper rifle w/ metal trigger box  

This rifle is available in black colour with the weight about 9IBS. The muzzle velocity of the rifle is about 520- 530 FPS which is measured with 0.20g BBs. System of the rifle is in bolt action with ho up (which is adjustable). There is also a TM compatible hoop up and the packages include sniper rifle, magazine and speed loader. The magazine capacity is about 30 rounds. The trigger box has metal trigger box (but the plastic trigger box version). The FPS range is about 520 to 530.

(The JG VSR – 10 belongs to the closet replica of the Tokyo Maruri VSR- 10 bolt action sniper famous for its upgradeable design and the trigger box design and it even after- market part availability. And every JG VSR- 10 from the will be tooled with a metal trigger box, a 400 + FPS high power spring, sling loops, bipod mount, metal bolt and metal cylinder assembly.  When you visit at the they have a nice deal to offer you and that is a wide variety of the upgraded part selection for the VSR- 10 platform.

Features of the rifle

  • It has scope and bipod ready
  • Plus 500 FPS output pre- upgraded parts compatible
  • It has even great Marui after the market VSR- 10 upgrade parts compatibility
  • One can even meet cylinder and trigger box assembly
  • Scope and bipod ready
  • It is a metal cocking bolt and lever
  • It is even adjustable hop up
  • It has angel custom VSR- 10 upgrade parts compatible.
  • Holds metal cylinder and trigger box assembly

More information about this Rifle

Jg/ JING GING (hina)/ ASP (Hong Kong) are one of the largest Airsoft OEM in the world (the real tool manufacturer). They are also the pioneer for offering high quality Airsoft AEG rifles. Along with the superb production ability, volume and their close relationship has positioned JG for offering the World market with great reliable products.

Note – these rifles are not designed for the real weapons.

Declaration – the batteries, scopes and other accessories does not include until it stated below.


  • Provides Bipod and scope
  • Adjustable hopup


  • Find expensive

4. Evike- CYMA full metal AK Dragunov SVD Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle – black

The length of the rifle is 1219 mm with 440 to 450 FPS. The weight of the rifle is 3500 g with inner barrel of 685 mm. the muzzle velocity of the rifle is 440 to 450 FPS (and it is measured with 0.20g BBs). The gear box is available in custom full metal 4 gear designs and the magazine ability is about 220 rounds. The battery of this rifle is about 8.4v small stick type/ 7.4 V Lipo recommended (the battery and charger will not be provided in the online market). The motor type of this rifle is obvious short type and hop up is quite free (adjustable). The pack also holds: gun and magazine. The Nylon fibre hand guard is adding beauty to the sell which can be bought in black colour.

Manufacturer – distributed by the matrix, USA Exclusive CYMA distributor. OEM: CYMA

Features of the rifle

  • This is a metal receiver and barrel assembly
  • It is adjustable front and rear sights
  • It is even comfortable rubber cheekpad
  • Stamped steel top cover
  • Scope attachment point for the SVD style scopes (scope is not included)
  • This one is in the recommendation for not using with 0.28g BBs and heavier

Things to keep in the mind  

Silicone oil – this one is basic and lubrication maintenance and help keeping your Airsoft AEG in top working order.

Battery and charger – it is needed for powering your AEG: using high quality battery and charger for the best consequences.

Spare magazines – can face off the fight for the longer period of time by bringing more ammo along with you.

BBs – this one is about high quality precision for 6mm BBs recommendation: using 0.25g BBs for giving the best report.

More information about the CYMA  

CYMA is one of the oldest and most experienced and the largest Airsoft manufacturing facility in the world. It is known for their unmatched quality control and professionalism. This is also selected to be the OEM of the vast amount of the Airsoft products. On the other hand, durability and performance is affordable in the case of this rifle.


  • Adjustable lens and
  • Comfortable rubber cheekpad


  • Cannot use it with 0.28 BBs

5. Well mbo8d l96 spring airsoft gun metal sniper fps- 450 w/ 3-9*40 scope and bipod (tan) (air soft gun)  

These types of the gun are different from the usual rifles.  Usually they are much longer than the usual size and they are even heavy to hold. That is why it also comes with stand which helps in adjusting it and offering the time. Mb08d is available in silver gray and black colour. The colour of the rifle is unique and it is not the usual one but whatever it look overall, it looks awesome.

Features of the rifle

  • It has spring powered by the metal bolt action.
  • Manufacturer – it has well velocity (FPS): 450 W/ 20G Bb’s magazine BB capacity: 23 rounds
  • Folding stock adjustable hop up system realistic feel.
  • It has pretty much perfect integrated rail system for the additional accessories.
  • The length – 42 inches (Full stock) length: 33 inches (folded stock)


  • Colour choices
  • Adjustable


  • Very heavy in lifting

6. Evike APS M40A3 Realistic action airsoft sniper rifle – 550 FPS version

This rifle is less heavy if comparing it with the previous ones. And the look of the rifle is also different.  It stands different from the queue of the rifles as it looks heavy but it is not. There is a lens fit in it which helps in targeting the target or object. There is a stand or pod fit in it.

Features of the rifle 

  • It has potential of adjusting precision hopup for the optimized performance and range
  • It has metal outer barrel, cylinder and trigger system
  • There is an adjustable trigger pull from the 0.5lb to 1 lb: trigger stroke adjustable from 0 to 4mm
  • This one has 6.01mm tight bore inner barrel offers continuous perfect shooting.
  • Plus it has 6* integrated inner barrel stabilizers for the maximum range and accuracy
  • This rifle has lightweight multicam black water textured matte finish: buttstock removable for easy transport.
  • It has even licensed multicam black water – transfer finish
  • FPS – it is about 500 to 550
  • The scope and bipod shown (this will not be added by the Amazon)
  • Rifle (there is no scope/ bipod) – multicam black
  • Style – rifle (there is no scope/ bipod)- multicam black


  • Its lens (that helps in getting target)
  • The FPS



  • No colour variety

7. Plastic infrared water bullet Gun Toy for the sniper rifle pistol soft paintball toy (Red) 

This rifle gives look of a very heavy rifle but this one is really different from what you may have thought of.  It is even available in different colours and, but this choice stands not for all. Only few ones go this side. But those who ignore features they remain at the place. Plastic inferred water bullet has bipod and a camera fit in it. So that you can capture your target properly!


  • The fashion design is 100% brand new, it is high quality.
  • The other best thing about it is its material: plastic, size: 76* 23* 11 cm
  • Shooting range – it is about 15m
  • Inside the product – gun *1 and the water bullets *3. The soft bullet*6 (without real box)
  • The toy can be played with the soft bullet and water bullet.


  • Light in weight
  • Comfortable and high quality material


  • It could have had provided more features


8. Evike – matrix CYMA, AK SVD Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle by CYMA – Metal receiver/ real wood

The good thing about this product is that it has 440 to 450 FPS (commendable) with the length 3500g. The magazine ability of this rifle is about 80 round sniper magazine included. The inner barrel is about 685 mm which includes a gearbox (a custom full metal 4 gear design gearbox). The motor short type torque up the motor! The battery is 8, 4v tiny stick type and 7.4v Lipo recommended (battery and charger will not be included in online purchases). The manufacturer is being distributed by the matrix and the USA has exclusive CYMA products OEM: CYMA.

It belongs to the oldest and most of the experienced and the largest airsoft manufacturing facility in the world. It is even known for their unmatched quality control and professionalism and this one is even selected to be the OEM of giant amount of the airsoft products. The durability and performance meets affordability.


This one has been brought with the purpose of offering this to Airsofters and this has been brought by Airsofters.  It is one of the best and affordable high quality Airsoft tools. Matrix has brought a wide choice of the skirmish grade replicas from the rifles to the pistols and a wide diversity of the accessories and the tactical from the helmets to the boots.  They are responsible for preparing every air soft shooter the perfect experience.


  • Its magazine capacity
  • The FPS


  • Bit expensive

The buying guide of the Rifles

Well, a lot of people who buys rifle for the first time, they get confused and they even do not know what to buy and where to buy it. The other prominent thing which people forget is about what to look while buying so here are some major things to look –

Fit – so if you ever dare to ignore this part. You will suffer a lot. In fact this should be the part which should be kept in priority. While holding rifles for the long time you should be in the comfortable position otherwise you will end up blaming the rifles. The other thing is that there are lots of rifles which are available with good handles such as they come up with bipod. Bipod is fixed for giving as much comfort as much it can.

Action – now if you are getting confused about this product then you must not. The very common action is bolt action, pump action, lever action, semi action and even single shot action. These all are features as you can say because these all also offer a good angel. And the semi- autos permits quick follow up the shots and if that is prominent.  The bolt actions are even strength and reliable and this even has actions have their important as do lever actions. But this also depends on the action and this even focuses on the placing that one even has perfect first shot.

Barrel – the barrel length will even affect the length of the rifle and the weight of the rifle and the velocity at which the bullet leaves the barrel. It even generally speaks the longer the barrel and the higher the velocity as the gas pressure has even more time for pushing up the bullet. It even affects how the rifle handles. The other thing is that he shorter barrels are very easy to handle and faster for getting on the target when hunting in brush for example.

Stock – wood, laminated wood and synthetics, fireglass, plastic are very general materials for the rifles stocks. It is one of traditional and several of them even like it for its look and feel. But it even laminated the woods which are generally stronger and more durable for fending off the nicks and dings better than wood. This even synthetic run the gamut but is quite expensive. The moisture even do not affect them such as it can also be a wood stocks and they even appear in absorbing rougher handling without rendering tell- tale marks.

Things to take care of

Gun plumbers strictly forbidden – one thing which should be not overlooked. So if you are going to buy used rifle which is obviously monkeyed with by gorilla equipments, then do not do it. They (guns) are even more such as fine musical instruments!  This even look for the buggered screw heads, crumpled spots.

Pick up the right hunting rifle cartridge – The rifle cartridge is one of central for any hunting trip. This is also one of the central to any hunting rifle. It even remembers that every gun is also designed for shooting only particular cartridges.  You will even require for thinking ahead if you are not going to be hunting very large game as one may even require a rifle you will not find in a basic hunting collection.

If someone is new for the hunting or even trying to understand the basic hunting setup, one may even consider a gun which is being designed to shoot a 30 to 06 Springfield, 308 Winchester or 270 Winchester. It even has tiny game and varmints and various hunters for going along with a basic 22 or 223 Remington. Single out a cartridge which has even enough power for taking down the game with a single shot.

Budget for the Rifles optics – several of the hunters has fallen into the trap for purchasing one of good rifles and then have no amount left for the rifle scope. Now budget is completely upon you, this you will have to decide that what should be the amount of your rifle. In the market there is market full of expensive rifles but also full of brilliant features. So it is you who will have to decide about it.  This is also true that there are even various rifles which would give you good deals with brilliant features. That is how you can save your pocket and even spend on the features which these rifles are offering.

Buy eye protection – whether you believe it or not this is one of very important thing to do. Eyes are very important part of the body and it is the one which helps us seeing the whole world.  If you shot with naked eyes then your eyes will suffer. And you will have to pay for it more than you think. Guns are very loud and injurious too in many ways so it would be better you are ready with your protection.

Determine the purpose of your firearm – the firearms are equipments. There are even different types of the guns for the different types of the jobs. So one can even decide that whether your gun would be used for.  This should be clear otherwise it is matter of gin you will end up hurting your oneself!

Varies person to person – now please this really needs to be understood. Many of people do not ever understand this that rifles varies person to person. So whenever you decide about your rifle or gifting rifle make a clear choice by knowing your type first. When you would get clarity you will end up picking up the best rifle. But be sure about you get the best by knowing your choice at first okay? Go ahead make your choice.

Ask questions – whether you are buying from offline shop or online shop. This does not matter because when you ask for clarity they are there to serve you. Ask as many as doubt as you can because it is about your life and safety. But when you get all of your satisfied answer you will become able in picking up the right thing. Or even if you are having doubts then checking out reviews is one of other way. Which you can surely pick up for yourself because suppose if you look at the rifle with great features. And you are like you wanted to buy best rifle and then you pick up that without even knowing that suits or not. You lose both the things your budget and your comfort. So if you really do care about both of things then having clarity is the only way of doing it.


Well, at last when you got almost what to look and what to ignore. The other thing is you really do not need to sacrifice anything because all the rifles are made up with comfort and full of choices. So whatever is your type you do not need to be on the verge in fact come in the first row and hold your choice proudly!. I hope, you get the best airsoft sniper rifle from here.

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