How to choose the right interior designer in Bangalore

Having a dream home has now got a lot easier with easy loans and better interior designers. Bangalore is a city that is mainly known for its IT hub, but it serves as a beautiful location to own your dream home or even an office space.

But as soon as the construction ends, what begins next is making that house into a home. For that, hiring the right interior designer is extremely important.

Best way to choose the right interior designer in Bangalore

They understand your dream and turn it into reality. There are plenty of interior designers in Bangalore, but the challenge is to find the right one for your home or office space. Here is how you can choose the best interior designer in Bangalore.

Best Interior Designers in bangalore

  1. Be sure about your style

There might be lots of residential interior designers in Bangalore, but it is not necessary that all of them will understand what you want. The first step in choosing the right interior designer for your project is to be sure about the kind of home you want. Your home should reflect your personality and that is what you have to convey to the designer.

  1. Check out their portfolios

The next step is to go through the portfolios of all the best interior designers in Bangalore. You have to keep a record of their past work because you are trusting your home with someone. Also, when you look at the previous work they have done, you can visualize better whether you like their kind of work

  1. Have a budget set in mind

The right interior designer should be able to work in your given budget. You should tell your budget to the designer clearly so that they do no go beyond the budget. This is a very important aspect that every good interior designer should have.

  1. They should be able to understand what you communicate

The best interior designer is someone who should listen to you patiently about how you want your home to be done. It is your home that he is designing, and therefore, should be able to understand whatever you communicate to them.

While the interior designer himself might have many ideas and can pitch them in where he feels necessary, but the primary focus should be on what you want and how you want your home to be done.

  1. Meet the designer in person

You might have decided everything, the budget, the firm, but the most important part remains meeting the designer in person. Unless you meet the designer in person, the trust won’t be established. You need to meet, communicate with the designer and understand his working process. The communication should be clear.

This is the time when you can ask all your questions and the interior designer must be able to answer all your queries. This meeting is where you establish mutual trust on each other, for a smooth working process ahead.

  1. The designer should keep you updated at all time

Once the process starts, there are going to be changed according to the situation. The right interior designer must keep you updated with whatever little or big changes are being made. During the meeting, you can ask the designer to set up a communication system as per convenience, so that he can keep you updated all the time. Whether you are hiring commercial interior designers in Bangalore or residential interiors, you should know what’s going on.

The right designer for you is someone who meets all these requirements and has a clear communication process. We at Concept2Designs take care of all your needs right from the first meeting till the last day

Best Kitchen Countertop Ideas for A Modern Home

When it comes to adding design or spark to your kitchen, nothing can do better than a kitchen countertop. And although people think that kitchen countertops are the only available in marble, then hear us out.

According to latest trends, kitchen countertops come in a whole variety. It does not matter how relaxed or formal you want to be, regardless of whether it is something practical or even resistant, we have something in our list that can help you out. Take a look at some of the best kitchen countertops you can use to design your home.

Stainless steel countertops

Stainless steel kitchen countertops have become extremely popular these days, especially in the last ten years as all foodies have decided to reinvent their kitchens and make it look more like a restaurant.

interior design companies in bangalore

These type of kitchens are in fact quite unique and are bound to impress your relatives and friends. Stainless steel countertops are generally non-porous and can give your home a well-furnished and classy look. The only disadvantage with this is that it can be a tad bit expensive. Plus, the materials are a little hard to find. But if you’ve got both controlled, then stainless steel kitchens are perfect for you!

Marble kitchen countertops

Marble kitchen countertops have veiny patterns and are quite attractive to look at. But marble is quite soft and a porous stone and should be repeatedly and carefully sealed if you are going to use them for kitchen countertops.

Just like granite, they are also soft and porous and should be repeatedly and carefully sealed if you want to use them for kitchen countertops. Just like granite, marble is available in three different forms. This includes marble, tiles as well as slabs.

In short, they are unique, beautiful and definitely make a porous and soft stone with some drawbacks when used inside kitchens. They are a better choice as compared to granite and other materials that resemble marble.

Slate kitchen countertops

Slate countertops are picked up straight from the earth. They are then cut into several slabs and then surface ground into a perfect matte finish. Slate is a great material when it comes to creating countertops since they are non-porous and it can resist stains too.

Although many people think of slate as dark grey or even black stone, there are many types that have shades in such as pink and green within them too. Unlike the soapstone, slate has very subtle Vereeniging.

They are less dramatic when compared to marble. Overall, slate countertops warrant you some consideration for homeowners who are looking for something that is subtle and unusual.

Concrete countertops

Concrete countertops are not an unusual choice, but it definitely can give your home a unique and attractive appearance. They are always fabricated and poured on-site with the help of a specialist crew.

The concrete can come in different forms, such as texture as colour if you want or it can be polished and made to look all shiny and colourful. They are definitely something that can attract attention towards your home and can fit in within any shape and size. However, they are not made for all homes, especially those that are not very high end.


Kitchen countertops made of bamboo are also unusual, but when they are lumped together with bamboo and wood, it can actually add spark and more life to your kitchen. Bamboo happens to be a very hard substance and in several ways, they are better than wood for any countertop usage.

Adding this to your kitchen could be a great addition be Fashion women because it is a renewable resource. It is made of eco-friendly materials and has a nice wood-like appearance. The bamboo countertops are much harder compared to natural wood.

Laminated kitchen countertop

A laminated countertop is formed with the help of plastic laminated materials that are well bonded. Laminates are manufactured for several hours and it uses several colours as well as styles. They are quite affordable and easy to fabricate and install.

Laminated kitchens also offer you a whole lot of variety and it has thousands of options you can use to explore. Laminated kitchen countertops, however, do have a few disadvantages. They can peel up easily and can be a little lightweight and hollow when compared to other different materials.


Quartz countertops are one of the latest creations when it comes to countertop kitchens. They are composed of waste rocks along with resins that add some binding and hardness. Quartz countertops are not always solid slabs. They are an engineered stone product.

Many of the quartz counters have antibacterial agents added along with them. Even though they have become rapidly popular, you can consider them because they offer a wide range of benefits such as different colours and styles, quartz crystals and other minerals etc. They are also quite durable and overall add more beauty and flexibility to your kitchen.

Paper Composite

Paper composite is a new creation that innovative manufacturers have come up with recently. They are made of paper and are heavily impregnated with resins. Some of the biggest advantages of using paper composite kitchen countertops are that you will have an eco-friendly alternative as compared to countertops that are laminated.

They are also plant-based which means they are a better alternative than petroleum-based products. Overall, they are quite expensive and perfect for those homeowners who are a little on the adventurous side and are looking for something that is unique

If you are still looking for some more advice in order to remodel your kitchen and give it a whole new look, consult an expert who has enough knowledge of kitchens. This can help you get the best look that you want for your current kitchen and get the best value for the money you spend on it. And if you have further doubts and queries regarding the post, do let us know in the comment section below.

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